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Luxury Yacht Rental Riviera Maya

Yachting the Riviera Maya

Interested in spending a day on a charter yacht tour on a luxurious yacht with excellent customer service, great food and open bar to some of the most amazing locations on the Riviera Maya Coast?

There are many different tours that will fit almost any budget from "good value for money" tours with our excellent shrimp & fish ceviche and delicious cheese-burgers and open bar to our top of the line VIP tours with on-board Chef and Bartender.

You can choose a specific destination/activity for your group or opt for a more luxurious treatment for a special ocassion, as we offer both standard and VIP tours. There are plenty of shaded seating areas to comfortably seat up to 20 people and a big spacious sun-deck and easy access to enter the water, its the perfect yacht for half or full day trips in the warm sunny Caribbean sea. Equipped with 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and salon with TV and air condition inside and a nice shaded area for eating your lunch with an outdoor grill we provide the best surroundings to have a great day on the ocean.

Email us for a customized tour or choose one from the options below.

Riviera Maya Cruise - 900usd

Duration:3 hours - Occupancy: 1-15 guests

Get details and inquire availability

In-Ha Snorkel - 1100usd

Duration:4 hours - Occupancy: 1-15 guests

Get details and inquire availability

Snorkel & Inlet - 1350usd

Duration:5 hours - Occupancy: 1-15 guests

Get details and inquire availability

Tulum Ruins or El Cielo, Cozumel - 2500usd

Duration:8 hours - Occupancy: 1-20 guests

Get details and inquire availability